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     # Co-first author; *Corresponding author

A. Papers

51 .    J. B. Son#, S. Kim#, S. Yang#, Y. Ahn, N. K. Lee*, “Analysis of Fluorescent Proteins for Observing Single Gene Locus in a Live and Fixed Escherichia coli Cell”, J. Phys. Chem. B, in press (2024). Invited Article

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* Selected for Spotlights on Recent JACS Publications: WATCHING CYANINE DYE IN LIVING CELLS.

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* Worldwide research for the accurate FRET based on our work published in Biophys. J (2005).

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** VIP paper (top 5%)




23. J.-Y. Kim, C. Kim, N. K. Lee,* “Real-time submillisecond single-molecule FRET dynamics of freely diffusing molecules with liposome tethering”, Nat. Communications 6, 6992 (2015).  

* Highlighted in Nature Materials, "Single-molecule tracking Fretted diffusion" (Nature Materials 14, 556, 2015)

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BRIC 2013 학술 가치가 높은 연구 성과 Top 5 선정

18. J. Y. Kim#, B. K Choi,# M. G. Choi, S. A. Kim, Y. Lai, Y. K. Shin,* N. K Lee,*  “Solution single-vesicle assay reveals PIP2-mediated sequential actions of synaptotagmin-1 on SNAREs”, EMBO J. 31, 2144-2155  (2012).

BRIC 2012 학술 가치가 높은 연구 성과 Top 5 선정


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* Highlighted in “Probes Light the Way for Advances in FRET”, Biophotonics, p30, February (2007).

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* Highlighted in

(1) C&EN news, Science Concentrates, p30, June 7 (2004);

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1. N. K. Lee, S. Park, and S. K. Kim, “Ab Initio Studies on the van der Waals Complexes of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons. I. Benzene-Naphthalene Complex", J. Chem. Phys. 116, 7902 (2002).

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B. Book chapters

1. J. Y. Kim, B. K Choi, Y. K. Shin, N. K Lee,* “Solution single-vesicle assay by alternating-laser excitation”, Exocytosis Methods, Volume 83, pp 3-22 (2014)

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